What is your favorite photographer?



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    My favorite photographer is Ansel Adams. He is known for his breathtaking landscape photos of national parks and nature. Adams is a master of the technical aspects of the camera and it shows through his photographs. In particular, my favorite photo by Ansel Adams is one of a tree at Yosemite.

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    I really appreciate the work of Dorothea Lange. She is best known for her photographic essays about the displaced people during the Great Depression and the California migrant workers. Her images are very compelling and reveal the hardship that many people endured during those years. 

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    I appreciate wildlife photographers such as Bob Johnson.  I have a framed photo of his actually.  I think it would be an amazing job to camp out and track nature.  I can’t post any of his photos on here due to copyright but I do have a link of a picture of his of an animal I relate to!

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    I like people who do astrophotography, like Wolfgang Plautz, Eric Dupin (below), and Jerry Lodriguss. Robert Woodward does some amaaazing (non astronomy) stuff as well (bottom). 

    Stream Astronomy II

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    I really appreciate the work of Senol Zorlu. He chooses to focus on real human emotion and the true character of a place. I believe his work is some of the strongest being produced today. He truly captures the essence of the human experience. It is exactly that which creates our different that makes us truly human. 

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    I have become a very big fan of Terry Richardson and Oliver Zahm recently. Terry has built a somewhat bad boy reputation in the art world but I appreciate his view of the world, very downtown New York. Oliver Zahm is the creator of Purple fashion magazine and is very free spirited in his point of view. Both of these men are fortunate enough to have very exciting lives and document them almost daily on their blogs, the links of which I attached below.

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    As far as nature photography goes, you can’t get any better than Ansel Adams (in my opinion!). 

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    I’m with those who have put in their votes for Ansel Adams. His work is simply stunning.


    Outside of nature photography, the late Tim Hetherington captured brilliant shots, mostly portraying the harsh realities of war. I’d also highly recommend his documentary film, Restrepo. 

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    My favorite artist/photographer is Terry Border. He uses various food products and other random objects to create still art. His art is fun and creative.


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