What is your favorite park and why?



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    I love Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri. This green oasis in the middle of the city is great for long runs, sports, eating, museum going, and people watching. Attractions are free (except for the golf courses) and easily accessible by metro. At 1,293 acres it is one of the larges parks in the country. Site for the World’s Fair of 1904, the park has beautiful works of architecture, landscaping, and fountains. There is a great deal to see and do throughout the year.

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    My favorite is a small park near my hometown outside of Buffalo, NY. Glen Park is situated near a small waterfall, and it’s the most picturesque area in town. The park is quiet and has lot of great walking trails and hills. The wikipedia article below is terrible but at least it has some info on the park.

    As far as larger parks go, my favorite national park is the Badlands in South Dakota. The rock formations are incredible and the views are worth the trip to such a remote area.


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    My favorite park is Rickett’s Glen State Park in Pennsylvania. This beautiful park has over 22 waterfalls, the tallest at 94 feet. It offers a challenging hike with a diverse range of horticulture and beauty. It really makes you feel one with nature.

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    My fav is Crane’s Beach (part of the Trustees of Reservations) in Ipswich, MA. There is great hiking with beach views, ocean kayaking, and pristine dunes and wildlife. (it is also accessible by public transit in the summer time!)

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