What is your favorite organic fruit?


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    Well, when I lived in Trinidad, the locally grown mangos were delicious.  Sweet as ice-cream.  I’m not quite sure if they were organic, but I don’t imagine the local farmers used any pesticides.  I also love the organic apples at Braeburn Orchards in southeastern Pennsylvania.

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    When I have limited grocery dollars I spend my money on organic fruits and veggies that I eat a lot of and that I eat the whole thing. For example if I needed to save the money I would skip the organic melon or orange and get the organic berries. If however, I have the money I try to buy all my produce organic to save the pesticides going to the environment.

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    Organic apples, definitely.

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    Organic grapes, peaches, apricots, cherries, nectarines, apples, and plums are among my favorite fruits.  They just seem to taste better than non-organics.  

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    Organic berries can be better than any refined sugar. I love finding organic berry patches where you can pick your own produce. That is as local as it gets! When I was in Peru I couldn’t get enough starfruit. It’s shape is so beautiful when sliced.

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    I love organic apples.  Ever since I went to an apple orchard in Indiana and hand-picked organic apples on my own, I have been obsessed with them.

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    Organic bananas.

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    I love organic raspberries and organic nectarines. Organic raspberries are bigger and more flavorful than regular raspberries, as are organic nectarines.

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    Living in California, there is no shortage of local, organic strawberries.  They are fantastic and far superior to the imported strawberries at the grocery store.  It’s amazing the difference – the organic strawberries are much larger, have a better balance of sweet to tart and last longer.  

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    Blackberries. There is a small organic farm in my town where people can pick their own berries each season. Here in New Jersey the season is short and the lines to pick are usually long. But, anyone who has picked their own fruit knows it is worth the wait since the blackberries always seem to taste better when they’re right off the vine.

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    My favorite organic fruit has to be the mango. I spent some time in the Philippines last year, where they have the best mangoes I have ever tasted. They are bigger than the mangoes we find in the United States, and much sweeter. 

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    Fresh organic strawberries are so sweet and juicy it feels like a dessert.  They have to be my very favorite. 

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    Mango has always been one of my favorite fruits, and organic mangos are even better. They have a great, sweet taste, and they contain plenty of Vitamins A and C, potassium, fiber, and carotene. I especially like dried organic mango when I’m on a hike or I need a snack.

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    Very much agree with kthurber, Organic Bananas have the best taste in regards to comparison with the conventional fruit.  The organic bananas section at Whole Foods, as far as I know the original one in Austin, has some great information about the growing process and the shipping process involved in bringing the fruit to your corner!

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    Avocados are my favorite fruit. They are sodium free and only have 5 grams of fat. This fruit is versatile with hundreds of possible recipes. This fruit is a native American plant, originating in central Mexico approximately 7,000 BC. The coolest thing is you can keep that seed and grow your own tree!

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    Organic figs, organic mangos, organic honeycrisp apples. The best organic honeycrisp apple I ever ate was on Vashon Island in Washington state, where I bought it off the side of the road from local farmers who were running a stand. It was almost as big as my head! It was so sweet and pure tasting it made me feel eccstatic! It was the perfect color too, a combination of some yellows and peach colors with streaks of red. Delicious!

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