What is your favorite movie about the environment?



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    I really enjoyed Wall-E. While it was a fantastically animated childrens movie, the underlying subtext of over-industrialization and imminent environmental issues were quite powerful.

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    I really liked the Planet Earth series of DVDs. Although not technically a movie, more of a mini-series, it was definitely informative and captivating. I was totally immersed throughout the entire time I spent watching it.

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    King Corn is one of my favorites; when it comes to movies about the environment, King Corn definitely is on the top my list. A movie where two college friends go to Greene, Iowa to grow and farm an acre of corn, they also examine the role corn production has on American society. 

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    I know it’s a huge block-buster success, but I think Avatar (2009) was extremely well-conceived. I think it viscerally displayed what the environment can be, and what it can mean – something with which we actively interact, as opposed to an object we simply utilize (or abuse). I second the Planet Earth series, as well as Deep Blue, which is similar but focuses on the ocean depths. Some of the organisms featured are amazing, if not very weird.

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