What is your favorite looking solar powered home?



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    Check out the Curio House designed by college students at Tuft University. It’s a down to earth, realistic design inspired by the Boston area. I linked to an image of it below.

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    This beautiful solar house in Napa is not only tranquil, with a pool and a valley overlook, but it is in Napa, which is a great place to live. And, it creates enough solar power to sell energy back to the grid. What more could you ask for in a home?

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    I think this is a great looking homes with solar. It is an old plantation home in Louisiana with modern technologies! When you get to the page go down to the residential portfolio and click the 17th picture.

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    I also took a tour of the Curio House at Tufts that was built for the Solar Decathalon. It was beautiful and incredibly efficient!

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    I think that this is a really pretty solar powered home.  It is located on the beach, and was created by Zero Energy Design.  The home is made to produce just a much energy as is used throughout the year.


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    I love this gorgeous house with lots of windows, a beautiful wide open view and tons of panels, allowing them to live off the grid:

    Off-Grid Solar Power House

    Also, check this one out… behold the future! Yea!!



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