What is your favorite LEED certified project?



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    Personally, my favorite LEED-certified project is the place where I currently volunteer. The Nina Mason Pulliam Rio Salado Audubon Center is where Audubon Arizona operates as a local chapter under the National Audubon Society. This is a LEED platinum certified nature center that is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix’s Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area. The center’s sustainable features include; a photovoltaic system, a waste water recycling system, low water fixtures, pervios surfaces and bioswales to capture rain and runoff water, and energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems (Audubon Arizona, 2011).

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    My favorite is the California Academy of Sciences Building in San Francisco, though not for any deep reason:  I just have a lot San Francisco pride from living there when I was younger.   The building is Platinum certified and famous for its gigantic green roof composed of local plants.  It’s also got of lot great skylights to let in the sun for illumination and various grey-water recycle systems to reduce water consumption.   There’s really not much I can say to do it justice, so I’ll post a photo here instead:

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