What is your favorite green site on the web?

other than GreenAnswers, of course! 🙂



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    Well, yes, GreenAnswers, of course. =)

    But I also like The Green Guide a lot, for two reasons. First, it’s from National Geographic, so I trust it and the science behind it. Second, it is very practical because it focuses on things that average people can do every day, but within that subject it has tons of categories, including travel, food, and garden. It even has a special winter section right now. I’ve probably changed more about my daily life based on that website than any other.

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    Earth911.com has come in handy more times then I can remember 🙂

    For help with knowing where to recycle what in your local region earth911.com is the place to go.  

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    It’s a Discovery site. They have great articles and resources for living green.

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    Although a little less user friendly, the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s website has a significant amount of useful information for the average person.  And Etsy, com is a great website for purchasing handmade, creatively designed, original products.

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    Another good one that hasn’t been mentioned yet is http://www.huffingtonpost.com/green/


    They stay on top of news and offer links, blogs, and lots of interesting photos.

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    Environmental News Network.  It’s a great source of environmental news from all over the world.  When I took Environmental Science back in high school, this was my primary source of information for all of my reports and papers.  The link is below.

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    I love love Treehugger.com. The name sounds extreme but it has a lot to offer and is geared towards the average modern lad/madam/family/business/etc. The site has been dubbed the “Green CNN” and is a wonderful source for all that is sustainable. The site is easily navigated and covers topics from technology to health to fashion and more. There is always a good read in their blog and if you get bored they even have a game section. Careful though- you can spend hours on this site. Happy reading/blogging/gaming!

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