What is your favorite green product?



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    I really like green cleaning products. The popular brands are all very harsh for the environment and our health. Also, nontoxic cosmetics are great. I hate to think of all the years I spent putting harmful chemicals on my face, but I try to counter that by purchasing products that are only certified organic.

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    I love Dr. Bronner’s soaps. They smell awesome and work really well, especially as shampoo if my hair is particularly greasy or dirty (say, after backpacking for a few days). I love the scents—it’s like aromatherapy in the shower. I would definitely recommend them (the labels are always fun to read, too).

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    I’m not sure if food qualifies as a green product, but there was a recent question about chocolate and now I have it on the brain! I love Green & Black’s Maya Gold chocolate, which is both organic and fair trade (I also love Divine’s hazelnut bars, but I’m not sure if those are organic – they are all fair trade though). As for cleaning products, I’m a big fan of Ecover dish-washing and laundry detergent. It always leaves my clothes smelling fresh.

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    I like Seventh Generation Natural Dish Soap found at my local Organic Food Store.  Seems like many other brands are watered down so much they aren’t any good.  Even those that claim to be “natural”


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    I love Seventh Generation Fresh Citrus hand wash. I get it at Whole Foods and it smells so good!

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    For us ladies, I would highly recommend the Diva Cup.  It is a fantastic alternative to those awful, waste-producing tampons and pads that just go to the landfill.  The average woman uses 240 tampons/pads per year!  I love the Diva Cup because it never leaks, and there is no packaging to feel guilty about.  And, sweet victory, it is now available in the United States at stores like Whole Foods (it used to only be sold in Canada or online.)


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    As far as brands go, I like Nature’s Gate, Jason, and Yes to Carrots for shampoo, soap, and cosmetics. Trader Joe’s honey mango shaving cream is the best shaving cream I’ve ever used — it’s great for dry skin, all natural and vegetarian, and priced about the same as other shaving creams. Trader Joe’s also has a great lotion for dry skin, called A Midsummer Night’s Cream. Lush soaps are handmade with natural ingredients, and minimal packaging — when you buy them in stores, the soaps and bath fizzies have no packaging whatsoever. I also like Tom’s of Maine toothpaste. 

    For cleaning products, I like Seventh Generation, Method, and Shaklee – you can only get Shaklee products online, but they are amazing and super effective cleaners.

    I find most of these products at Target, Whole Foods, or my local natural foods stores (Sprouts Market, Mother’s Market, or Henry’s Market), but you can also buy them online. Soap.com has a good variety of green cleaners and cosmetics, and you can have them all shipped at once to minimize packaging. 

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    My favorite is Seventh Generation Natural Shower Cleaner Green Mandarin & Leaf. It’s non-toxic and biodegradable, smells wonderful, and makes cleaning the shower so quick and easy.

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