What is your favorite green iPhone app?



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    One of my favorite green iPhone applications is “A Real Tree” which is amazing! It basically allows you to contribute to the reforestation of different countries around the world. In a literal sense, it’s not super fun or anything but it’s definitely for a good cause and you should consider downloading it. 

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    I enjoy the carbon calculator.  It helps to keep me in check about my driving habits.  Sometimes its easier to just jump in the car mindlessly, when really we should be walking to help our planet.  Keeping up with my footprint helps to remind me to keep positive habits.

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    There’s an app called “What’s Fresh” let’s you know what foods are in season where you are, so you can find the freshest food nearest to you! 🙂

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    Check out TRAFFIC as well. It’s a great phone app that rates almost 20,000 supermarket items with color codes (i.e. red, green, orange) to indicate fat, sugar, and salt content. The food switch app also scans bar codes with app’s camera and gives you recommendations for healthier foods. Cool,huh?

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