What is your favorite green blog?



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    This question has already been answered by other members of this community. Please check out the links below. Also some of my favorite green blogs include: treehugger.com and Huffington Post Green (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/green/)  is another really good one.

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    Another good blog is http://treehumper.org/, it bring insiteful news about the environment along with humor and entertainment value.

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    One of my favorite green blogs is TreeHugger (although I suppose that overall it’s more of a media outlet than a true blog; they do have a blog section). It covers a really wide variety of topics and issues and does a great job of providing well-researched information and articles on interesting topics—I’ve found it to be useful when researching answers for this website. I also really like Yes! Magazine’s daily web content—again, probably more of a news outlet, but still well written entries that are interesting and focus on positive movement within the environmental realm.

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    I read the New York Times pretty obsessively and was therefore delighted to discover they have a green blog. It’s updated often, covers a wide range of topics, and I like knowing that the information presented is carefully researched and verifiable. Another good place to look is:


    It’s a directory of loads of different green blogs. Hope these help!


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    One of my favorite green blogs is The Daily Green, which has a lot of tips and advice for energy saving, gardening, fuel efficiency, and so on. The website also has vegetarian and seasonal recipes, as well as current environmental news. Slate’s Green Lantern blog is another good one; they cover a wide variety of topics and are really carefully researched.

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    I like to visit Organic Authority on occasion. It has a lot of interesting articles about living an organic lifestyle or if you’re interesed in dabbling a bit (like me) by attempting to follow some organic recipes or pick up some eco friendly products. There’s also funny articles like “The 10 Naughtiest Vegetables on Earth”. You should check it out.

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    My favorite green blogs are in major news website like LA Times and NPR. I like to read about the most up to date environmental news, even if they are not features in the front page. I also like GreenLAGirl because it provides a local prespective on sustainability and green businesses in the Los Angeles area. 

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