What is your favorite gluten free beer?


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    I have not personally tried gluten free beer.  But I was able to find a website that has a list of good gluten free beers from around the world.  Some of the best include Beer Lover’s Club against the grain and Green’s Explorer.  You can find more information and the rest of the list of great gluten free beer at http://www.united-nations-of-beer.com/gluten-free-beer-lager.html.

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    A personal favorite type of beer is Belgian, and Merchant du Vin has combined forces with Green’s to offer a gluten free Belgian beer.  This beer is not only gluten free but vegan, made from sorghum, rice, buckwheat, and millet.  Green’s offers three different types including an amber ale, dubbel ale and tripel ale.

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    I’ve heard Bard’s Tale is the best gluten free beer, although I’ve never been able to try it. The best gluten free beer that I have tried is Redbridge, which is actually manufactured by Anheuser Busch.

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    Larabars aren’t bad.  There’s some flavors that I’m not crazy about, but others are really good.  Try the Key Lime Pie and Cherry Pie flavors.  They also make other varieties, like Jocalat (all chocolate-related flavors) and Jamfrakas (made to appeal to kids).  Larabars are also made from raw ingredients, so they’re fine for raw foodists/fruitarians, too.

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    Redbridge is the best! Made by Budwieser and tastes just like the real thing! They are even starting to serve it at some restaurants (like Amici’s pizza in California). 

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      I’m a beer lover who has no gluten sensitivities, but my wife has been gluten-free for over 25 years. Wanting to share a cold one with me, she’s brought a steady stream of gluten-free “beers” through our house, many of which have been collecting dust downstairs after trying just one.

      She tried Redbridge a year or so ago, and it was close, but still a little sweet. Then she heard they reformulated it a few months ago, and bought some more. This is the real thing! Tastes like a good lager, nice color and finish, not sweet like far too many gluten-free beers. Now she can enjoy a cold one with me after an afternoon working in the garden.

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      Hi balconyfarmer, it sounds like she might also like Daura gluten free beer. It is made by the Spanish brewery Estrella Damm. It is light, tasty and refreshing! If she likes Redbridge after gardening, I think she might also like Daura. I think you can find it at some Whole Foods and at BevMo. Here is their website: http://www.estrelladamm.com/en/daura_gluten_free_beer/

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    By far, Bard’s Tale beer is the best gluten free beer I’ve had. It tastes just like a normal micro-brew. Delicious. 

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    This was a decent Belgian beer, the Quest Tripel. I didn’t realize it was gluten-free until they told me.

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