What is your favorite fresh water fish?

I am trying to add to my aquarium. I have 2 goldfish and a few black mollies.



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    Well if you want to spice up your aquarium a bit, you could put in some fiddler crabs or snails.  They aren’t fish, but they would add to the diversity/beauty of your aquarium.  I also really like anglefish.  

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    Catfish are kind of cool, as well as the fancy guppies. See the website below for a whole page of freshwater aquarium fish. 

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    I like Betta fish, even though they don’t really swim as much as other fish. I think that they have really beautiful colors and there are all so different from each other. 

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    This is in no means an aquarium fish, but trout are simply  unique species. In the aquariums I have seen, I like the ciclids. We studied them in biology class and there are near 300 species of ciclids sharing similar DNA in Lake Victoria, Eastern Africa. 

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    Not in the technical sense a fish, but river otters are the coolest thing you are going to see in fresh water. I work on a river, and on the occasion that we do get to see these little guys, it makes our day. They are very curious and playful, and will swim right up to your boat to see whats going on. 

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    I love the Black Knife Ghost Fish. A mouthful of a species, but undeniably a beautiful, elegant, and personable fish (insomuch as fish have personalities!). 

    The BKGF is physiologically different than most fish, with its dorsal fins long and extended along its perinatal line. It moves by undulating these long, ruffled fins quickly to swim calmly through the water. When excited (aka feeding), the fist will appear to stand and bounce about on the end of its spiky tail as it eats. 

    An elegant fish acting that cute has a place in my fish tank any day!

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    My personal favorite is also one of the most common and inexpensive, but also beautiful and fun.  The Betta, or Siamese Fighting Fish would be a nice fit with your tank.  They sport beautiful, luminescent colours, a hearty dispositions, and spectacular fin displays when encountering another fighting fish or a reflexion of itself.

    Do not introduce 2 male Bettas in the same tank as they will fight to the death.  But when shows a mirror of itself it is excellent exercise and a beautiful display.

    [img_assist|nid=182568|title=Green Betta|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=528]

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    I have to go with Piranha. They are definitely my favorite freshwater fish to stay away from!

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