What is your favorite extinct animal? And why?



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    My favorite extinct animal is the dodo bird! I love it because the idea of the bird is just so cartoon-y.

    I think that it’s kind of hilarious and sad at the same time that the dodo had no natural defenses to save itself. Did you know that because dodos could not fly, they only existed in the tiny island of Mauritus?

    Did you know that the dodo became exctinct before the invention of cameras, so our only sources of what it looked like come from the sketches of naturalists (though they have found incomplete skeletons from time to time)?



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    I have a certain fondness for extinct animas of a ridiculous scale. It’s particularly hard to imagine certain animals actually exisiting, such are their bizarre proportions. This applies to many dinosaurs and such creatures, but Mammoths are great simply for the fact that the largest land animal alive today (the elephant) is very similar, but smaller.

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    I was always a dinosaur fan and especially a fan of the Brontosaurus. I liked them because of their extremely long neck and tail, and although they were enormous, they were known for being gentle.

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    I second the above inclination for huge animals, especially huge mammals, just because they seem so incongruous. Of them, my favourite is probably the Megatheriidae, or giant ground sloth. They were over 18 feet long, weighed in at approximately five tons, and could reach branches as high as 17 feet off the ground. What’s more, they lived in North America and only became extinct around 11,000 years ago, which meant they were contemporaries of modern humans. 

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