What is your favorite environmentally focused TV show?



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    My favorite environmentally focused TV show would have to be Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel. I learn interesting and useful things each episode I watch, which could come in handy one day if I’m ever lost in the wilderness. Bear Grylls (the show’s narrator) also teaches you how to respect the environment around you. It’s important to be environmentally conscious of your surroundings, since you never know just how much human interference can harm an ecosystem. 

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    Captain Planet!  It has all that early-90s cartoon cheesiness, but it is about a bunch of kids trying to save the environment.  I like it for bringing environmental themes to kids’ attention, and for empowering them to do something about it.  They’re pretty good role models.

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    Second Captain Planet. It was a great cartoon that address a wide plethora of environmental issues in an accesible manner while still being compelling and diverse. The ending segments in particular were filled with useful information and facts about things people, particularly kids, could do to help out the environment.

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    While Captain Planet is a good option, he is a hero who is going to take pollution down to zero, my favorite show is Living with Ed.  The show follows Ed Begley Jr.’s attempts to make his home as environmentally friendly as possible.  I like this show because it shows people individual steps they can take in order to help reduce their impact on the environment. 

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    My favorite environmentally focused T.V. show would have to be Escape to Chimp Eden. While it is not a T.V. show specifically focused on the environment, it is about animals – chimpanzees, to be specific – at risk and one man’s struggle to rescue and rehabilitate chimpanzees so that they can have a second chance to be free and wild. 

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    My favorite green television show is Animal Planet’s the Most Extreme. They have a top 10 count down of animals that have the most extreme abilities (highest jumper, fastest runner, best eyesight, etc.). One of the coolest parts is that they show what humans could do if they had similar abilities (if we could jump as far as a flea, we could hop the golden gate bridge in one leap, for example). They also featured insects a lot, which is nice. Many people hate or ignore insects, but they really have some fascinating abilities that are inspiring. I also really liked the Great Migrations extreme nature show. They once showed how all different marine animals hunt and migrate together in order to survive. It was fascinating.

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    “Planet Earth” is an awesome, unbelievably made series with a focus on the environment. Discovery channel went around the world and shot thousands of hours of footage to capture some really amazing shots all over the world. They captured some animals that had never been seen on camera before and really give some great insight to what is happening in the world around us.

    I also saw a show on the Food Network this weekend called “The Big Waste” where four chefs make a meal using discarded or found food to make a meal. It was really revealing as to how much food we actually waste every year. It was a special so it may not be on often, but it’s worth checking out if you care about where your food comes from.

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