What is your favorite environmental topic?



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    My favorite environmental topic is anything that has to do with agriculture.  I think agriculture is incredibly important, not only as a question of climate change and sustainability, but as something that unites us.  With a population that is growing exponentially and a planet that is starting to reach it’s production limits, questions on agricultural techniques are going to become more and more pertinent.  Food is also something that brings people together and allows people to express culture and enjoy on a very basic level.

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    My favorite environmental topic is global warming in relation to the Arctic ice packs, and its effect on wildlife.  This northern region is showing severe signs of global warming, and yet many people choose to ignore the obvious facts.  Alaska’s polar bears are about to become extinct.  The ice pack used to be a mere 20 miles from shore and swimming polar bears and their cubs could easily make that distance.  Now it is more than 100 miles offshore, and even adult polar bears are drowning.  Polar bears around the pole are dwindling because of reduced ice and food.

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    My favorite environmental topic is the study of alternative energy. Not only do I think it is imperative that alternative eco-friendly energy sources be implemented to combat climate change. I also think it brings out the best in human ingenuity.

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    My favourite environmental topic is conservation and preservation of forests, from the rainforests of the Amazon to the coastal redwood groves of the Pacific Northwest. I think forests are such crucial facets of eco-systems as a whole; their provide habitats for thousands of species,  trap carbon, keep the soil fertile, their utilities are endless. And they’re so beautiful:)

    A Coastal Redwood Grove in Northern Californa:

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    One of my favorite environmental topics (there are many!) is how animals raised for meat are treated and how they are affecting the environment.  Wild animals are truly organic and grass fed; however there aren’t enough of them to satisfy our meat demand.  Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations are very hard on the environment.  They pollute local water sources, use lots of fossil fuels to truck in feed, and devegetate large areas.  

    In addition, I think CAFOs are cruel:  animals have very little space to move, are often standing in their own feces, are often sick due to the living conditions (and have to be given antibiotics) and are being forced to eat corn; a grain that cows don’t naturally eat and that also makes them sick.

    For myself I have chosen to eat locally raised grass fed beef.  I have visited the farm that I buy my meat from and seen the cattle; I have also gone to the slaughterhouse and watched them be killed.  This choice is also healthier for me:  the Omega 3/Omega 6 ratio in grass-fed beef is far superior to that of corn fed cattle.

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    My favorite environmental topic is ocean acidification.
    Increased CO2 in the atmosphere is causing low ocean pH. This is very detrimental to shell producing creatures. I spent a lot of time living on the Oregon coast and it would be really sad to see that coastal ecosystem destroyed.

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    I’m rather obsesssed with global warming/climate change. It’s a scary thing to wonder the limits that nature can be pushed by human development. Also, rising sea levels are a big worry of mine; each time I go to the beach I wonder if it will look the same a year from now. 

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    My favorite environmental topic is biomimicry. Biomimicry is the science of studying how nature completes a task and incorporating it in a product or process. Some examples include studying insect wings to make computer screens that have intense color without backlights, studying shark skin to make superior wetsuits, and studying how coral build their structures to make cement by taking CO2 out of the atmosphere. 

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    I am all about environmental policy! I love writing blogs and news articles about how large corporations and government agencies try to make budget cuts concerning environmental issues or put off updating old environmental policies that are no longer effective. I love hearing the ridiculous excuses as to why the planet should have to wait because of profit. These people fail to realize that their money is going to be worth nothing when we take the destruction of the earth to a point where we can’t come back from it, then we are ALL in trouble! More importantly, I love to raise awareness concerning important environmental issues and begin grassroots efforts to make realistic change where it’s needed.

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