What is your favorite environmental subject?



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    Environmental law is my favorite environmental subject. I have no plans to go to law school and be a lawyer. But the subject just fascinates me. I am just amazed how a few words can affect the fate of a species, piece of land or action. I know a lot of people think it is boring and it is. Law briefs are long wordy! Writing about it is tough. Law can become super political. Law is not absolute and can be unfair. I enjoy learning about the different environmental legislation in the US and how these pieces are applied into policies and actions. If nothing else, it is practical to know some for work. 

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    I love researching and discussing how the earth is changing and evaluating various opinions on it. I also enjoy the politics that go along with climate change. It amazes me how polarized people are on such a huge topic. The scientific evidence of global warming and climate change is overwhelming and most scientists agree on its accuracy. Yet, there is still a huge group of Americans that denies anything is wrong. This fascinates me and I enjoy reading and discussing different opinions on the subject. 

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    Ecological literacy is an environmental subject I find very interesting, because it is a very interesting holistic way of understanding the environment. I think that ecological literacy can help solve most of the problems because being ecoliterate means you have the ability to understand ecosystems and how life is possible on earth. Once people can understand ecosystems fully they can create sustainable human communities and engage in sustainable practices. I admire this kind of thought because it accounts for the complexity of the environment and takes a holistic approach, as to do no damage and find as many beneficial solutions as possible. It is a subject I think takes a positive and productive approach to the environment. 

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