What is your favorite environmental photograph or photographer?

A blurb and a link if you can.


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    Michael Nickols worked with Jane Goodall in her studies of chimpanzees. This picture is very moving.

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    One of the most ionic and moving environmental photographs (and the history behind it): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Blue_Marble It’s included as a default background for the IPhone and on most computers, which tells how amazing it really is.

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    I came across this picture and it quickly became an instant classic for me. http://www.caledonian-comment.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/hippo.jpg

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    Andy Goldsworthy and Chris Jordan

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    Greatly admired for many things but took many environmental shots: Ansel Adams.

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    I very much enjoy the work of Ansel Adams.  All of his photographs are breathtaking and classic.  He cared for the environment very deeply, and this love is reflected in his work.  Here are some of his photographs:



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    I just came across this photograph called Flight of the Rays by photographer Florian Schulz.  It received the top prize in the CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year 2010 awards.

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    One photographer who I really admire was Frank Hurley, who travelled with Ernest Shackelton in search of the South Pole on his ship, the Endurance. Hurley took many of the first photographs of Antarctica, including of the ship after it got stuck in pack ice. At one point after abandoning the ship, Hurley had to choose 120 glass plates that his photos were taken on in order to lighten the pack load he was carrying—the remaining 400 plates were smashed. Hurley’s photographs of the doomed ship and of the crew that remained on Elephant Island afterward awaiting rescue were hugely popular with the public around the world and helped Shackelton to pay off some of the debts accrued from the trip.

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    I like this photo of a wave in Hawaii. I always like pictures of waves taken from the ocean.

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    Not sure who the artist may be, but the picture is from Indonesia.

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