What is your favorite environmental movie?


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    for the real environmental buff i’d say “an inconventient truth”, but if oyu’re looking for entertainment i’d go with “wall-e”

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    I think An Inconvenient Truth really put global warming on the map.

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    An Inconvenient Truth is indeed alright, though I think a pretty good documentary was, “Who Killed the Electric Car?”.

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    ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is memorable and effective without being too hopeless. Also ‘Winged Migration’ was one of the environmental movies that helped to remind me of the majestic and beautiful parts of nature that we are working so hard to protect.

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    I liked Wild America. I used to watch Marty Stouffer’s show, so I naturally liked the movie. But Medicine Man was pretty good too. And we can’t forget about Bio-Dome with Paulie Shore.

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    An Inconvenient Truth I found to be pretty moving and memorable. The End Of Suburbia is a little kooky, but a really satirical look at suburban living these days. You can watch it at the website or follow it to youtube from it, linked below

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    Entertainment wise, I’ll go with Mad Max the original, we have to conserve our natural resources. Leather chafes!

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    I liked Avatar.  I thought there was a very strong, relevant environmental message being conveyed.  I found it was one of those movies that, while entertaining, had many deeper meanings.  

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    Avatar! I loved that movie, and thought it had lots of important messages. Also, don’t know if this counts, but the Planet Earth series was truly amazing. 

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    Personally, I love “Gasland.”  It’s really making its mark about fracking.  It’s one of the most entertaining,educational, and frightening movies I’ve ever watched, all at the same time.

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