What is your favorite environmental documentary?



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    I thought Planet in Peril was pretty good on CNN. It covered four major topics and was very interesting. They are usually pretty unbiased also (slightly left). 

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    At the risk of sounding cliche, one of my favorite environmental documentaries is probably Planet Earth (BBC version).  There is something about seeing all of the amazing and beautiful things that are in this world that just lights a fire under me to help save this planet.  The human race has done so many negative things to the world, but seeing these remarkable things makes me believe there is still hope.

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    Who Killed the Electric Car? is a very compelling story. 

    Check out their website below.

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    FLOW – For the Love of Water, directed by Irena Salina, is an excellent documentary that focuses primarily on the Earth’s diminishing supply of liquid water and mankind’s neglect of the crisis. In fact, human beings are completely ignoring the crisis, they are actively making it quite worse, according to the film.

    The film examines the big name companies (Pepsi Co., Coke, Nestle, etc.) that, for want of money, invade poor communities who rely on a natural water source, tap that source to a water treatment/bottling facility, and then try to sell the water back to the poor community it was stolen from. FLOW sheds a very grim light on bottled water, showing explicitly what it does to communities, families. It shows how incredibly wasteful and ignorant Americans are of our water crisis. And, if the film does its job, it forces its viewers to never buy bottled water again.

    At the rate that these companies suck all of the water from the Earth, the crisis will worsen at a monumentally rapid pace. FLOW really makes you realize how silly it is to pay so much money for something which is not and cannot actually be owned – water is a completely natural resource.

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    The Cove is definitely worth checking out. It is about dolphins in Japan and the Japanese town’s slaughter of them.

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    180 Degrees South, while not entirely about the environment, does stress a great deal the importance of maintaining the environment and the consequences of doing otherwise. It’s a very romantic documentary, as in being in awe of nature so to speak. I personally enjoyed it very much.



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