What is your favorite environmental documentary?



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    “Who Killed the Electric Car” is a good one detailing the first widely sold electric car in the U.S., how it was received, and how it was eventually wiped out by American automakers as a risk to Big Oil.

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    The Discovery Channels Planet Earth series has amazing footage and is a great documentary.

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    I really like “FLOW-For Love of Water.” It’s a documentary that talks about the world’s dwindling supply of fresh water and how politics, pollution, humans in general, etc. play a role on the fresh water and it’s quantity. Or lack of quantity.This documentary is very informative, accurate, and interesting. Well written.

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    I second the Planet Earth series, as well as the BBC documentary series “Blue Planet – Seas of Life” ( I think it was called Deep Blue in the US). Here’s a clip:

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