What is your favorite environmental book?



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    I really like anything by Michael Pollan. His books are useful to a wide range of people, even those who do not consider themselves environmentalists.  My favorite book of his is Food Rules because it is very basic and to the point.

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    Silent Spring is an essential classic about the dangers of chemical pesticides. Michael Pollan’s Botany of Desire (also a documentary) is very interesting; it’s mostly about how certain plants have adapted to various climates in order to spread throughout the world – but it also explains “monoculture” very well, and important concept to understand why farmers have to use so many chemical pesticides. Food Inc. (also a documentary) gives important/disturbing info about the food industry. Friedman’s Hot Flat and Crowded is an important modern edition to the list, which explains the need for a green movement from an economist’s perspective.

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    I agree with the “Silent Spring” votes in that Carson’s book brings important environmental issues to light in a very engaging way.  Her book is not only informative, but also enjoyable to read.  Her message is a lasting one – compelling people to act in environmentally conscious ways – that transcends the currency of the DDT/pesticide subject.  Her advocacy of a moral obligation to protect our environment is particularly relevant as we continue to face challenges with the  by-products of our technologies and lifestyles today. 

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