What is your favorite endangered species?



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    My favorite endangered species is the Pygmy Elephant.  I love elephants and find them to be such beautiful and peaceful animals.  The Pygmy elephants are indigenous to the northeast tip of the island of Borneo and are found primarily near water sources and grassland since they consume around 300 pounds of roots, grass, and bananas daily.  There are less than 1,600 Pygmy remaining in the wild and human conflict and loss of habitat are the leading cause of their endangerment.

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    “Favorite” seems a bit morbid, but I understand what you’re asking. My choice would be the Florida panther. As of right now, only 80-100 remain in the wild, and that small population number has unfortunately remained consistent for many years. If anything, that estimate may be generous. Habitat destruction is the primary threat to the long-term survival and revival of the panther population – it appears to be a difficult proposition to adequately protect this species as Florida lawmakers and agencies haven’t done enough.

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    The Mexican Walking Fish is super cool. Check out the link below for more pictures and information on a few endangered species. 

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    Mine would have to be the humpback whale.  To me, this signified just how determined human beings can be in their methods of consumption on this planet: that we can be catching and killing these huge animals to such a degree that they are endangered is just mind boggling – we are the only land mammal capable of this and for what? 

    Humpback whale

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    I have to go with the polar bear, although it is officially listed as threatened and not endangered. Beyond the fact that the polar bear on the iceberg has become the quintessential image of climate change, the bear is simply a wonder of nature to me — with its size, sleek fur, and snowy quality, it is almost a seemingly fictional creature. I’ve always thought bears are just awesome, and the polar bear is simply a stunning creature to me. 

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    I have always had a soft spot for panda bears. Poaching and the dilapidation of their habitat caused by railroad intrusion have resulted in an uncertain future for the giant panda bears. The Chinese government acts as the primary protector for the pandas and has established over 50 panda reserves which preserve 60 percent of the population.

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