What is your favorite eco-friendly product?



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    Okoballs!  You use these in the laundry machine instead of detergent.  The balls are made out of four kinds of natural ceramic whose ions loosen the bonds between the dirt and cloth.   So if you have allergies to detergents this is the way to go.   In the case of my house, the water from our washer goes through a grey water system filter and then flows into the garden, so if we’re not using detergent, the water’s even easier to filter.

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    Jem Raw Chocolates: This is a business started by a friend of mine; based out of Bend, Oregon. He is an independent artisan that has perfected several recipes and is constantly experimenting. His chocolate is completely natural; it contains no gluten, dairy, soy or processed sugar. It is made with 70% cacao which is the raw form of chocolate. The best part: it is the tastiest and most unique chocolate I have ever had.


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    One of my favorite eco-friendly products is the Yumaki toothbrush.  The Yumaki toothbrush is the result of a Japanese/Swedish design partnership made of 100% recyclable PP degradable plastic and nylon bristles (it’s also ergonomic!).  The company also offers a recycling program — for every three toothbrushes sent back for proper recycling, Yumaki gives you a new toothbrush for free.  

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