What is your favorite eco friendly product?



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    My favorite eco-friendly product is the resuabe shopping bags. I think they are a great because not only do they help our planet, but they fit more products and more durable versus plastic bags. Plus, they’re pretty cheap to buy and a lot of places give them away for free. I also like eco-friendly or organic makeup products such as Misessence foundation.

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    I agree with deniseapril and I would go one step further by saying pannier bags. Pannier bags can attach directly to a pannier rack on the back of your bicycle so you don’t strain your back by wearing a backpack or attempt the dangerous stunt of balancing bags on your handlebars. They can also be larger than regular shopping bags, so you can hold a lot more in them. They are also more durable than any other bags I have ever used. I have been using the same set of pannier bags constantly for well over six years. A good set of pannier bags is one of the best investments you can ever make!

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    One of my favorite green products is Green Glue by Eco Green Crafts. The glue is plant-based, non-toxic, water-soluble, dries clear, and has no VOC’s. I am an artist, so this is a wonderful find. It works great for my artwork. 

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    For me, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap is an oldie, but goody. Dr. Bronner’s is the only soap and shampoo you can safely use in the wilderness and as a frequent rafter I have appreciated it for years and even use it at home and in my hair. Besides, not only is it a highly efficient soap, claiming each bottle has a thousand uses, it also is a “soapbox”. I enjoy reading Dr. Bronner’s interesting, eccentric philosophy, which is included on every bottle. Dr. Bronner’s also promotes activism and social responsibility by partaking in constructive capitalism, where you share the profit with the workers and the earth.

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