What is your favorite dog breed?


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    My favorite breed is the Bouvier de Flanders.  They originate from Belgium, and they were used to pull carts and herd sheep.  I’ve had them since I was a kid, and they are great companions and protectors. Here’s a picture of my little buddy Radar (actually big buddy, he’s about 85lbs but you can’t really tell in this pic): 

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    My favorite breed of dog are chocolate labs. I have had two of these and they have been great. Not high maintenance in any way, they worked well with my family, and we felt at ease letting them inside our house. They arent bad one the eyes either. 

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    My favorite dog is the newfoundland.  The dogs are huge and look like they could be half bear, and yet are some of the nicest animals you will ever meet.  They may eat absurd amounts of food due to their size which is a hassle, but if I ever had another opportunity to get on I definitely would.  They are great with families and are just fun to be around.

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    My favorite dog ever is the Airedale Terrier. They are the largest terrier available, and also the most calm and stately. Terriers have a reputation of being very hyper dogs, but the Airedale (like other large terriers, e.g. the Kerry Blue and Lambington terriers) is a very controlled and gracious dog. Despite this, they are pretty energetic players, though with early obedience training and good socialization, they easily get a grip on their exuberant, playful natures.

    They are extremely sweet and loyal, but very aloof with strangers. It’s hard to get an Airedale to trust you, but once they do, you have a buddy for life.

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    I actually have quite the soft-spot for mutts (especially ones that have gotten the better, friendlier qualities of their parent breeds). Mutts often require less medical care, and can save both money and resources over time. Since they are generally healthier, they often need fewer vet trips, surgery, and special foods, which can actually make your dog-owning better for the environment.

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    I love all dogs in general, but my favorite breed so far is the American Foxhound. I have a year old male named Finn that has stolen my heart. He is a complete working dog that enjoys trailing scent 24/7 – but he also is a complete love-bug.

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    My favorite breed of dog is the black lab.I like this breed because they are hunting dogs and the protect you.





















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    I adore all of the larger dog breeds. My ultimate favorite, though, if I had to pick, and I couldn’t pick a mutt, would be the collie. Who doesn’t love Lassie? These dogs are just so beautiful to look at, and they are so comforting and loving towards humans. They make me just want to give them a big hug 🙂


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    I like Old English Sheep Dogs.

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    Australian Blue Heeler! They are so smart and active. Here’s my puppy Chenghis Khan.

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    like previous answer my favouite dog is a black lab because I have got one and he so lovable. He tries to sit on my lap.


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    My favorite dog breed is the German Shepherd.  They are very intelligent animals who seek to please their owners.  They are very good watchdogs but caring and playful with children.  Shepherds make great companions for life. 

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    Mine is either a german sheperd or a collie.

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