What is your favorite creature of the sea?



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    This is a tough one, but I’d have to say the seahorse is my favorite sea creature.  Interestingly, seahorses are monogamous and they mate for life. Their populations are diminishing due to increased human expansion, and harvesting.  

    Photo: yellow seahorse anchored to coral

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    I have recently discovered how amazing an octopus can be. Just look at this video. They can not just change color and texture, but they can mimic other sea creatures like flounder, and create moving colors to “mesmerize” their prey. Very cool. 

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    Dolphins. They are extremely intelligent, have saved humans from sharks and can surf a wave like none other. 

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    I am going to have to go with sea otters. They are just so darn playful and cute its hard not to like them. Their population has plummeted over the last couple decades as well, so I think it is very important to support these little guys. 

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    The Orca Whale. I think they are beautiful and the sounds they make are nice. They can live from like 50 to 80 years and can weigh up to 6 tons. Known as the killer whale, they are recognized by their black and white markings. 

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    The parrot fish!

    In addition to sharing the beautiful colors, dental characteristics, and agility of their feathered namesakes, parrot fish are an undeniably, awesomely integral part of the oceanic landscape in that they make sand.

    Really. The average parrotfish produces 90 kg (198 lbs!) of sand in its lifetime. The pristine white beaches that are so often the subject of people’s dream vacation getaways are in fact made entirely possible by this one beautiful creature processing and reprocessing rock over centuries. That one small species of fish can have that large a hand in creating and maintaining a vital element of the world’s most beautiful ecosystems — amazing!

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    How can anyone hate on a manatee, they are so benign…

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    The ocean sunfish.  A humungous fish with vertical fins that has an average weight of 2,200lbs.  They can be found in all parts of the ocean, tropical and temperature.

    Despite their huge size, the sunfish are gentle giants and hold no threat to divers.  You can actually go up to them and touch them!

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    There are lots of really cool animals in the ocean, but one of my favorites is the leafy sea dragon. They are closely related to sea horses and are carefully disguised to look just like pieces of seaweed. They live along the coast of southern Australia. I think they are just really cool looking and interesting creatures—check out the link below for more!

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