What is your favorite color of fall?


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    Generally, I like orange, but there is nothing like those trees who’s leaves turn that almost transparent yellow. When you look up and you see the sun shining through them it looks like their on fire. Simply magnificent!

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    Orange. It’s vibrant and alive and reminds me of harvest time and pumpkins ^^

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    Brown for the bark of the trees! Without trees we’d be certainly lost and hopeless. This spring I wanna go Johnny Appleseed style all over the delmarva area!

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    Yellow! I love when trees turn yellow. It keeps things bright.

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    I really like the deep and brite reds that come with the turning of some of the leafs. I also really like the contrast between those reds and the yellows as well.

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    I’m not very original here but ORANGE is my fave in the fall. It’s so vibrant! And it reminds me of pumpkin pie…mmmmm…pumpkin piiiiiie.

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    I think the shade of red that leaves turn is really pretty, but all the colors need to be combined in order for autum to have its full effect, and to get all the leaf peepers up here just to stare at a bunch of dead leaves!

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    Yellow leaves on a sunny day with blue sky in background – beautiful. Alternatively, deep reds are great too.

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    I like best the deep red colors of the maples as their leaves change colors. There is an area near Wausau, WI in the central part of the state where all of the trees change and it is fabulous to drive through and look at the trees in the fall.

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    I’d have to say Burgundy and Black. Black goes with anything and burgundy looks great on me.

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    I love the combination of all the fall colors together.  When you look at autumn trees you do not really see each individual color, but instead the mixture of hues.


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    I’ll take them all. My parents moved to Vermont and this is similar to the view from where they live.


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    I love the gold and orange certainly is the most definite fall color – pumpkins, leaves, but I think my favorite is the surprise of the deep reds, it really is all the colors together that make fall so incredibly beautiful. 

    Fall colors: Reds, golds, greensFall colors: Reds, golds, greens


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    Yellow!!! For sure, yellow. The leaves of trees, but also the soft light of fall afternoons- when everything looks golden and and surreal. 

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    As illustrated in kthurber’s picture, I think red is the most beautiful.  I love its natural contrast amongst the green leaves as they start to turn.  

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    I think red and orange are the most beautiful colors of fall. Especially when the two colors blend together in the leaves, it makes for some very pretty scenery.

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    I like the deep red colors because they stand out among the other colors. Most leaves turn orange or yellow, so the bright red leaves are stunning in contrast. 

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