What is your favorite coffee flavor?



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    I’m not too picky on brand of bean or anything like that, just add a little milk and sugar, maybe a tad chocolate syrup, and it’s pretty good for me.  Kaluha is another way I like to go, just usually not in the morning hours.

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    Just a bit of soy milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Perfection!

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    I love pumpkin flavored anything! My favorite time of year is fall, when all of the seasonal flavors are out and I can get pumpkin lattes.  If I am just at home though, I prefer to drink plain coffee with a bit of milk.

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    Milk and sugar is a must. However, I do enjoy hazelnut and french vanilla.

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    My favorite coffee drink is “dirty Chai.” I usually get a soy Chai latte with a shot of espresso. Tastes great, and gets me going.

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    I am a coffee snob, something I picked up from working at an independent coffee shop during college. I like my coffee fresh ground, single cup dripped, and STRONG. I usually like medium roasts because they have great flavor (don’t care for dark roasts, they are a bit intense flavor wise) and a good level of caffeine- dark roasts have less because they are roasted longer. Light roasts are very high in caffeine and tend to make me feel jittery. Medium roasts are the way to go! I usually like coffee from Latin America but I’m not super picky as long as the quality is good. 

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