What is your favorite class you have taken about the environment?



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    My favorite class was Environmental Science, Ethics and Public Policy. We talked about real world environmental issues. First we learned the science of the issue, then the policies based on the science and the ethical dilemmas that resulted.

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    My favorite class that taught me about the environment was Econ 145, the Oceans. It delved into issues of bio-economic stability in various fisheries and fishing methods. The sustainability of what we eat in everyday life was fascinating. The teacher taught us what kind of canned fish we should buy and ways to support green fishing methods.

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    My favorite class was Environmental Field Studies at CSU East Bay. Every week we explored different careers in the Bay Area and discussed their environmental issues. I learned so much about everything from park management to sanitation and recycling to transportation. It was a really in-depth class that was 100% out in the community looking at real environmental problems from different perspectives.

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    My favorite class was American Environmental History. I was so fascinated to learn about different movements and ideologies throughout time. The concept of the environment and people’s thoughts about it due to social factors was quite fascinating to examine from multiple angles. Additionally, studying the source(s) of present day problems helped me to understand various environmental topics more thoroughly.

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