what is your favorite charity that helps the environment?



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    I’m a big fan of Greenpeace, because I feel that they do a lot to help out the environment. They organize campaigns, they perform direct actions, and they do a lot to raise public awareness. I think that participating in environmentalism on all levels (directly, raising awareness, and working to change policy) is key to being a good environmental organization.

    Technically they’re a charity, because they’re a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization.

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    There are so many to choose from. Personally I like the World Wildlife Fund, which has a huge number of projects all over the world to save and conserve endangered creatures from pandas in China to dolphins off the coast of New Zealand. The Nature Conservancy is also another group that’s doing a lot on the ground to help the environment, such as purchasing conservation easements from private (and some public) landowners to preserve watersheds, wetlands and other sensitive areas. One of the best environmental nonprofits is also the oldest: the Sierra Club, founded in 1892, which has so many projects all over the United States and Canada that picking one to support is completely impossible.

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    The American Fisheries Society is the largest (~10,000 members in >60 countries) and oldest (founded 1870) society of professional fisheries scientist in the world. AFS is a 501c3 whose membership has led the charge in fisheries scientific research, fisheries management, and fisheries conservation for 140 years and still going! It is a membership full of introverts so you dont see TV commercials asking for money but you see a community of individuals that have devoted their lives to the conservation and wise-use of our world’s fisheries resources.

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