What is your favorite captain planet episode?



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    The series’ pilot, A Hero for Earth, is absolutely amazing! This episode shows Gaia (the Earth) summoning five kids from around the world to help defend her! I still get shivers when I think about hearing the Captain Planet theme song for the first time. The episode’s villain is wrecking ecological havoc on an oil rig, which the kids get to destroy. How epic!

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    A website actually reminded me of this episode. Season six, episode six; Dr. Blight travels back into the past to deliver a message of peace. Returning to 2014 the world has become a hippie commune where war and weapons ceaseto exist. Of course a plot develops throughout the episode, but I found that concept very interesting; to be able to go back into the past and be able to dramatically change the future like that, would be amazing. Just in case you grow curious about this episode as well, it is called “A good bomb is hard to find.” Enjoy!

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