What is your favorite book about the environment?



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    Earth Abides by George R. Stewart. It’s a great look at how the earth will reclaim the cities after humans have started to die out. It mentions the problems that will persist but that it will start to heal.

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    I really like anything by Michael Pollan.  I am a big believer that dietary choices have a big impact on the environment.  Pollan’s books support this idea, and give tips on how to alter your diet for the better.  I would suggest Pollan’s books to environmentalists and non-environmentalists alike because they have such a powerful message.

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    I would also have to say The Lorax. It is the book that sticks out most from my childhood and holds true to a lot of the values I have today as an adult. 

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    I have a hard time choosing between Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire and Aldo Leopold’s The Sand County Almanac.  The former is a more “entertaining” story, as far as novels go, but the latter is so informative and makes me think so much that I love it just as much.

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