What is your favorite animal on the endangered species list?



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    My favorite endangered species is the Eastern Lowland Gorilla. To think that any primate, especially the gorilla, being such a close relative to humans is endangered is devastating. Eastern lowland gorilla numbers have rapidly declined to below 5,000 today. Critically endangered, there are fewer than 300 Cross River gorillas. Mountain gorillas, another endangered subspecies, number at around 700.
    Gorillas are threatened by habitat loss due to increasing human populations, poaching for the bush meat trade and diseases like ebola. Species that live in higher elevations, like mountain gorillas, are also affected by climate change.

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    I don’t necessarily have a favorite because there are so many fascinating animals that are endangered so it’s hard to pick one. I think the komodo dragons are pretty interesting: a 10 foot long, 300 pound lizard, with over 50 strains of bacteria in its saliva that usually cause stricken creatures to die from blood poisoning within 24 hours.

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    The Panda bear is my favorite animal. I know it is a popular choice, but those bears are just so cool looking.

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    Some of the beautiful tigers— the siberian tiger and the bengal tiger

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    The African Elephant is one of my favorite animals on the endangered species list.  I think that they are really pretty animals, and it would be very sad to see them go extinct.

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    I’ll give some love to the California Condor. They are not the prettiest animal but what a great story of survival.

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    My favorite animal that is on the endangered species list is the Siberian tiger. I think they are beautiful animals. They are very unique with their white fur coat and bright eyes. It is a shame that any animal would be on the endangered species list and I think it is a high priority to make sure these animals don’t become extinct.

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