What is your favorite animal and why?


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    My favorite animal is a dog. They are incredible smart, playful and make great companions. They can also be trained to work in the medical and crime fields as well as assist elderly or disabled owners.

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    Mine’s related – the dog’s wild counterpart, the wolf. Something about the freedom, the untamed spirit, the self-reliant individuality – or working together to hunt, the lifetime mates, even the howling at the moon. Plus it’s a physically beautiful animal.

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    My favorite domesticated animal is the dog. If we are talking about wild animals, then it’s either going to be a grizzly bear or bald eagle.

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    I think elephants are really cool animals.  They seem so calm and serene.  It would be amazing to encounter one in the wild.

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    I like sea turtles aka the hanu in Hawaiin. I have swam with them. There is something tranquil and reassuring on how they glide through the water. 

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    My favorite animal has to be the koala. I was lucky enough to hold one while I was in Australia. They are so cute and cuddly, exactly how you’d imagine them to be.

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    My favorite animal is the emperor penguin. I think I’ve been drawn to their isolated habitat and how they can live in such a harsh region of the world, and how other types of penguins are only found in certain regions of the world. 

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    I guess this is kind of a lame answer but I love dogs. They are so sweet, loving and loyal. I also think they are so cute and many seem to smile all the time. My favorite wild animal is the white rhino, because I think they look wise and majestic. 

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    My favorite animal is the chimp. Chimps are extremely intelligent and social animals that can learn difficult tasks and like to play and interact with others. They are also very similar to humans; they have similar features, senses, and have communication systems and gestures. And finally, they are extremely cute! Unfortunately, due to the deforestation of their habitats in western and central Africa, they are considered an endangered species.

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    My favorite animals are canines, in particular the dalmatian. An ancient breed and the only spotted breed. This breed is incredibly fast, agile, and intelligent. I currently own 2 dals and they are the best!

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    My favorite animals have always been horses because it’s possible to have such a unique relationship with them.  You have to trust them – and they have to trust you.  It’s a give and take that I’ve never felt with any other type of animal.

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