What is your favorite activity to do that requires no electricity?



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    Personally, I enjoy reading, exercise/sports, and playing the piano.

    It is certainly possible to enjoy a non-electrified life, and at times I fear that our society is becoming too dependent upon electricity and the appliances that it powers.

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    That’s a tough one because as I sit here and type I am siphoning off large amounts of electricity through my computer. It is the most non-green thing I participate it. My favorite thing to do that requires no electricity is to read. There are so many amazing books out there. A lot of people avoid reading because, in my opinion, they haven’t found the right book or genre to inspire them yet. There are books on every topic. By shutting off your computer and instead of searching for “who is Obama?” on google, biking to the library and grabbing his book “The Audacity of Hope.” Books help you learn things that you didn’t even intend to (note that trees were harmed in the making of these books).

    The very best green thing to do is to simply take a walk. You don’t use any non-renewable resources. It’s easy to be green if you can find beauty in the simple things of life.

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    Riding my bike! I enjoy being outdoors and riding my bike, it is much better than driving down to street to the grocery store.

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    Camping and hiking are fantastic activities to appreciate the environment while refraining from using fossil fuel and electricity! 

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    Indoors, I like reading and cooking (on the gas stove). Outdoors, I like hiking, kayaking, and exercising. I also like playing trombone and guitar. 

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    I love hiking, swimming, and kayaking. Basically, being in a natural environment just makes me feel better. Plus, it’s really beautiful:

    When I can’t go outside, I love to write. Admittedly, I prefer to write on the computer, but I’m more than happy with a notebook and pen.

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    Beach volleyball, of course!

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