What is your environmental pet peeve?



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    One of my biggest environmental pet peeves is when people don’t recycle a recyclable item when a recycling bin is located close by. There are times when a trash can and recycling bin are side by side and people will put recyclable items in the trash. At my apartment complex, we have single stream recycling, which means glass, metals, paper, etc. can all go in the same bin. People throw away all of their junk mail in the trash can when there is a recycling bin near by. I put signs on the trash for a while to recycle junk mail and it seemed to help, but every day I have to pull recyclable items out of the trash.


    My second environmental pet peeve is when people take very long daily showers. I know people that take showers for 45+ minutes daily. I have no idea what takes so long!

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    I have a bunch of them. One thing I can’t stand is when companies use too much packaging for a product that really should be sold without all the extra frufru *cough cough* Truvia *cough cough*

    Another thing that bugs me is people who don’t remember their California Driver’s handbook well enough to understand that bicycles belong on the road, not on the sidewalk. They are supposed to ride with traffic, not against it. Plus, they are a great way to keep carbon emissions low and get exercise, so there is absolutely no reason why anyone with two good legs (or arms) should not be using some sort of human-powered vehicle for any trip under five miles.

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    I am with eblairbryant in terms of environmental pet peeves. When I was a college student, I worked for the campus’s recycling program. During football games, parties, we set up recycling stations at the venues to collect the recyclables and compost. I monitored the stations and helped those who weren’t sure which bin to use. You won’t believe how many people just dump their trash all in one bin, without sorting, in front of you. The bins had signs with pictures in them! Its like not following traffic signs or directions on your applications. Some people just don’t care. When you try to correct them, they become offended. sigh… there is much work to do to make this world a more sustainable place. 

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    My biggest pet pieve is when people throw out food. I think this is not just an envionmental problem, but an overall pet pieve. Food is grown and transported, which takes a great deal of energy. People throw out 30% of their food (according to some statistics). This not only creates a lot of garbage (which is also a huge pet pieve of mine) but also makes the efforts of those who grew and trasnported the food unappreciated.

    Another pet pieve is ignorance. Intentional being ” I do not want to know” and unintetional which is most common. I feel it is selfish to only care about what happens to you, the money you save, the pleasure you receive and not be concerned about who or what’s effort went into the thing that you want or use.

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