What is your dream environmental job?

Don’t be modest — these are dreams we’re talking about.


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    Hey whitefish, nice question!

    I think the coolest environmental job would be to be sponsored to do all of the activities that I enjoy while promoting environmental awareness and more eco-friendly products.  For example, I would go climbing, skateboarding, snowboarding, or something active and outdoors and talk to people about whatever eco-friendly item has just been developed by my company.  Maybe the product would involve the sport, maybe not, the details aren’t exactly hashed out! ha.

    whatabout you whitefish?

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      Now that sounds like a dream: “Watch me shred that 50-yd chute while saving the world….”

      For me, I’m a romantic, and have always had a dream of sailing, working on a boat. Along the way I’d want to research new energies (Ocean thermal energy conversion is the most interesting to me right now) and possibly educate kids and young adults.

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      very cool. maybe ill have to ask a question about ocean thermal energy, I am not very familiar with it.

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    For me it would be design, specifically green design. I study to become an industrial designer and I hope one day I will be designing products that benefit, or at least have less impact on, the environment. Anything other than that I would consider short of success.

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    I would love to be paid to live simply on my farm, tending to my animals and trees and gardens while educating folks about a land-based life through direct experience. It would also be fabulous to be a naturalist guide of sorts, showing peole all the fascinating places and remnants of nautral history events around where I live.

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    As I plan on attending law school, I would have to say that my dream job would be working as an environmental attorney, hopefully helping to defend worthy causes. 

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      Vermont Law School has a fantastic program in Environmental Law. Their campus isn’t too shabby either: nestled in the mountains of VT, on the banks of a river, they have hammocks — hammocks! — spread about campus for studying and relaxation. It’s also composed of those old, creaky, beautiful buildings New England is famous for. Definitely worth a look for any would-be green law-slinger.

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    Since I just watched The Cove, I think my dream environmental job would be “protector of dolphins”. Of course, I would need a little more direction than that… but I’m working on that part. Any suggestions?


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    Well, I have an education as a chemical engineer. So, going along that line, maybe a developer of algal biofuel? Or developing substitutes for petroleum for the chemical industry. Most people think that when we start running short on oil, we’ll just start driving electric cars and all will be ok. Except the car will have to be without tires – the rubber is made from oil. Or paint. Or other coatings. Or the dashboard, wheel, and anything else that was made of plastic. Or seats from artificial fiber and foam. Or greases and other fluids. And that’s just the car – all of our technology is made of oil. And guess what? Ethanol might work as a fuel, but these things are made from all the thousands of different chemicals present in oil. So yeah, that would the job to save the human civilization, I think it’ll do.

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    Organizing and implementing Green Dances where people get together on the weekends and do green clean-ups while dancing in the park, thus exercising as well.

    Win win.

    Plus fun fun fun.

    The music selected would be the thing that makes or breaks the whole event.

    Go green to the beat.

    Something like this:

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    I would definitely have to agree with Jimbo.  I want to protect marine life.  (If I could do it in a super cool Oceans 11 type way like in the COVE then all the better!) 

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    Although it’s less a job than a lifestyle, I have often dreamed of homesteading, in the way pioneers used to do in the old West. Living self-sufficiently on a small plot of land that provides for all your needs–food, materials and such–in some locale where the beauty and power of nature can be appreciated is something that appeals to me. This type of lifestyle would be carbon neutral for the most part, and while life would be extremely difficult (ever try to churn your own butter? sew your own clothes? plow a field? It’s tough!) I think the reward of living simply, intellectually and responsibly would be worth the excruciating toil that would go into it. For most of human history people have lived in no greater than what we would recognize as a medieval state of development. If our “jobs” consisted mainly of providing for ourselves and our own families, in a way that doesn’t harm the planet, I personally think that would be extremely fulfilling.

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    My dream environmental job is to be a documentary filmmaker for the awareness of environmental problems around the world.  I would like to tackle general topics like clean water, pollution, population, global warming, etc. and go around the world to document how different countries and cultures are dealing with these different environmental problems.

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    I would like to be an anthropologist who conducts research on the Amazon, delving into ayahuasca use and its connection to the forest, as well its peoples way of of life. I would also like to uncover Amazonian perspectives on environmental exploitation. I’d like to convey these expressions through scholarly literature and popular news, working as an advocate for the rainforests of the world and their inhabitants. I would also like to teach college courses on environmental anthropology. I still only have a bachelor’s degree, and I’ll likely need a doctorate in order to reach some of these goals, but I’m young, and have plenty of time to achieve them!

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