What is your customer service phone number?

I need to inquire about a charge on my Discover card of $97 plus dollars. I have no recollection of your product or



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    Quick answer: Contact your credit card company, right now. As in: Pick up your phone, now. You need to explain the situation to them. 


    More generally, understand that you are probably not talking about the GreenAnswers site, but about an advertiser or some company in a response.

    1) People can post any link they want in an answer. If you followed one of those links … then GreenAnswers has no idea where you went, what you did. For example, if I recommend http:/www.reallybadcrud.com in this message, GreenAnswers has no easy way of figuring out whether that’s a good or bad site.

    Also, there are very dishonest companies who post BS questions such as “How can I make myself beautiful?” in forums. It’s the same deal: If you follow those links … they usually have nothing to do with the forums.

    2) If you clicked an advertisement in GreenAnswers in the sidebar or the top bar, the answer is different. Then the site management will want to know about it, because they’ll probably remove the ad.

    But even so, GreenAnswers is not responsible for what other companies say or what they do.

    Finally, if I saw a $97 charge on my credit card I did not recognize, I would cancel it, immediately. Hopefully the credit card company will give you credit for the bad transaction, but that doesn’t make any difference. Ask them to issue you a new card.

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