What is the Young Agrarian Movement all about?



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    The Young Agrarian Movement is basically a new way of looking at farming.  There hasn’t been much focus on teaching youth how to farm throughout the years, so people and organizations are attempting to change that.  There is a movement to teach young farmers what all comes with being a farmer, mostly showing them how to fight lawmakers for fair treatment for the up and coming generation.

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    The quality and safety of available food has become one of the biggest issues of our time, and is a growing interest for young people, even those with professional educations. A number of college students, as examined by a NY Times Article, are beginning to spend their summer on organic farms for internships and 1,400 farms offered these internships in 2009. A documentary called GROW! Examines the experience of a group of young people who decide to trade their degrees to grow food on Georgia farms – an act which provides them with solace and ensures that their food is produced in an ecologically viable way. One farmer explains he wants to be a part of this system of small farms because it is more ideal for communities than giant factory farms. It seems that young people’s involvement in farming is essential to ensure that small farms persist in the future.

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