What is you favorite raw vegetable?



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    It would have to be a fresh raw carrot. I was once on a farm and the farmer pulled a carrot out of the ground, wiped the dirt off with his sleeve, and handed it to me. It was more delicious than any carrot I’ve bought in a grocery store.

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    I’d have to say either carrot or, as odd as it sounds, raw onion. Since I was little, I’ve always really liked raw onions — sometimes even plain. Always reminds of the book Holes…Also cucumber is great!

  3. jet
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    I love jicama (plain and raw) and radishes (raw with salt and olive oil). 

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    My favorite raw vegetable is a red onion is a fresh salad. I love the crunchy texture and tangy taste it adds.

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    my favourite is probably carrot

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    Spinach! I usually buy it pre-washed from an organic grocery store. It’s my go-to vegetable and it is packed with Vitamin A, C, and K. It’s pretty much the only green leafy plant that I eat.

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    Beets (shaved and added to salad) are my favorite raw vegetable these days.

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