What year was the Roman Conquest of Britain



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    Julius Caesar first tried to conquer Britain in 55BC, but ultimately weather prevented him from doing so. Therefore, he made a second attempt in July 54BC and this successful conquest continued until September of that same year. However, in September Caesar and his Romans had to return to Gaul in order to deal with problems there, but the influence of the Romans in Britain continued due to an increase in trading. Then in 5AD Cymbeline was acknowledged by Rome as the King of Britain, but it wasn’t until 43AD that the Romans once again attacked Britain with the aim of taking control. They succeeded, but it wasn’t until the year 77AD that the Romans completed their conquest of Britain, a conquest which can still be seen to this day with all the roads and bridges and in Christianity that was once the dominant religion.

    One area of Britain remained unconquerable to the Romans – Scotland. This is how Hadrians wall came into existance. It was built to keep the Scots out of England.

    Finally in 410AD the last Romans left Britain and told the country it was no longer connected or protected by Rome.

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