What year did we lose the most species?



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    It is impossible to know the precise year; indeed, nobody (not even scientists) know exactly how many species exist on Earth. It often happens to discover or to lose species we didn’t know to exist. Scientists calculate the number of existent species and the amount of extintions on an approximate base, since is not always possible to verify them (think about the extintion of insects…). Anyway, probably the most important effects on life have been caused by glaciations.

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    Well officially the most species were lost 250 million years ago.  I assume you want to know what year in the present though.  The best answer for that is there really can’t be an official number.  We lose species faster than we can discover them so therefore there can only be estimations.  Currently its estimated that our current extinction rate is between 1,000 and 10,000 times faster than natural extinction.  

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