What is the year after an El Nino usually like?



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    In past El Nino episodes, the next winter was a La Nina winter- with conditions opposite that of El Nino. Instead of flooding, water dries up. According to National Geographic, this has happened three times in the last 15 years- in 1983, ’87, and ’98. But the phenomenon is less predictable than El Nino, and something climate scientists simply don’t understand completely. 

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    An El Nino year happens every two to seven years, but we cannot predict an exact pattern in El Nino. Just as such, we do not know what the year after El Nino will be.

    El Nino is a phoenomenon we don’t fully understand.  Scientists still debate what causes El Nino in the first place, and exactly how much it affects rainfall.  As science chugs onward, we may be able to understand El Nino any any potential patterns it may cause.

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