Was WWI worse for the environment than WWII?



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    World War two was worse for the environment simply because of the sheer number of vehicles and weaponry that was used and all around the world. A catastrophic amount of fuel was used everyday to energize the ships, planes, car, tanks and submarines. Let’s not forget amount the H-bomb. That technology sparked a wave of nuclear weapons testing they have left parts of our Earth severely scarred. 

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    While I agree with bburg, that WWII was much more environmentally devastating than WWI, partly because of the mechanized machinery and weaponry. I did want to point out that the Atom bomb (A-bomb) was introduced by the US during WWII. The hydrogen bomb (H-bomb) wasn’t introduced until 1952. Because of the A-bomb, everything on the planet now has radioactive isotopes in their bodies that were not seen in those who died before the before the US first used the bomb in Hiroshima.

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