What is wrong with my goldfishies?

One of them died. The other is sick. There is a white slime on the bottom of the tank. It looks like old bacon fat sitting on the rocks. I do not know what to do. I found some information about something similar and it said to add salt to the tank to correct it. But! I have a snail and cannot do that. If anyone has any idea please help. :] Thanks.



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    The slimy patches in your aquarium are probably due to leftover food settling in that area, which becomes covered by a fungus that creates a sometimes almost fuzzy patch. You should try to add salt to the tank like you said, but since you have a snail, I would suggest moving the snail to a different tank until this problem is corrected. Also, maybe try taking out your fish, cleaning the tank, and replacing the water completely because that might get rid of whatever is contaminating the tank and the water. Another solution might be to try not to feed your fish too much since un-eatten food is what is probably causing this problem. Hope this helps!

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