what is wrong with me

I have a home tattoo I got six months ago after it healed I started to get thos sore feeling on my shoulder blade which is where I got my tattoo I ocassionally get a sore feeling in the area that feels like I’ve done a billion push ups and really tight I’m so scared what could it be I tested negative for HIV I talked to my artist he said the needles are always new everything was clean and steralized he’s done tattoos for a really long time I’m scared guys what could it be



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    Consult a doctor. It might cost some money, but something such as blood poisoning could kill you.

    What you do NOT want to do is ask the opinion of lots of people online who have no medical training. And you especially do not want the opinion of people who think they know better than doctors. The doc will probably be able to fix the problem fairly quickly. Don’t wait, go to an emergency ward right now, if you can. If that isn’t feasible, make a doctor appointment for tomorrow.

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      I was thinking this over, and if this problem has been going on for weeks, it might be better to schedule a doctor appointment. The Emergency Room might kind of blow you off, if it’s something that’s been an ongoing problem.

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