What would you name our solar system?



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    If I could name the solar system I would definitely name it after my girlfriend. I would call our solar system Michelle. I know it is a pretty common name, but she is no common girl. I love her more than words can explain. Maybe if I named a solar system after her she would get a pretty good idea as to how I feel about her.

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    Sol. It’s the official name of the sun, I believe. It’s the centerpiece to the system. Referring to the sun as the sun is like the same as referring to Earth as “planet” ^^

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    I have to agree with limbonics, the name should have to do with the sun.  I love the French name for the sun, le soleil.  Something along those lines would be a good alternative.

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    I would stick with the candy bar theme and go with “Baby Ruth.” I feel the Martians would back me up on this…

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    I would name it Astraeus, after the greek god of the stars and planets, and of the art of astrology. 

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