What would you miss the most in the environment if it disappeared?



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    I wouldn’t be missing much, because I’d be dead. Without the environment giving me water and oxygen, I can’t stay alive (and I’m guessing you can’t either…).

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    I think I’d miss the birds the most.  I enjoy watching birds soar through the air, and I appreciate their songs that they sing.  I would also miss the trees and plants:  watching their colors change and the fresh smell they provide on a whiff.  I’d miss things like that.  

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    I think it would be hard to miss just a part of the environment because it is such a co-dependent system. All the plants and animals that we have in our world have learned how to co-exist and live with one another. Nature is incredibly interwoven in terms of seasons, plants, animals, and natural events. Water, oxygen, and plants all nourish us and are extremely important aspects of the environment.

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    I would miss going to the beach to most.  Being a California native, I frequently spend both nights and days at the beach.  Something about it is so soothing and stress-relieving, that I would genuinely miss them if they were to no longer exist.

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    I’d miss the beach and the ocean the most. I find the beach and a view of the ocean completely calming. That type of environment is very peaceful for me. 

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