What would you invent/curse/do to save the planet if you could use MAGIC?



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    Haha, this is fun to think about. I’d probably make a spell that would instantly recreate any tree that was cut down. Then we would not only have to worry about too many trees being cut down, but we’d have an endless supply of trees for wood products as well.

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    Probably the Patronus equivalent to repel carbon emissions instead of dementors. It seems like virutally every element of human-caused environmental issues stems from factories and automobiles; although we could make all vehicles into brooms and whatnot and totally eliminate the need for manufacturing.

    Great entry – I enjoyed it. The solar paint idea is brilliant (and would probably look awesome).

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    This is fun to think about!  I think I’d invent the sustainable (and more environmentally sound!?) replacement to fossil fuels.  If nothing else, we could turn our funding and research to one of the other issues we’re facing because the oil crisis would be cancelled.

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