What would you do to stop climate change?



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    I would vote for politicians that care about protecting the environment, I would buy environmentally friendly products and reuse them for as long as I can, I would elect to purchase the green energy from my electric company if given the option, I would make sure that I am not throwing out things that can be recycled, and I would donate to organizations that support the environment’s preservation.  I would drive less and walk more. 

    I already do these things, but in order to create change, I have to keep doing them.  Recycling just once is not enough–lifestyle change is necessary to change the planet.

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    i always keep my vehicle  pollution free, save electricity, save water, think like , this climate change will effect me also and do whatever things can be done to reduce this change. it always be in mind to not affect enviornment and i also try to make understand people about these problems.

    ihave planted more trees than before since i hane aware about it.and hope other will also do the work to save our enviornment.


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    I am very conscious of how and when I use my car. I try to walk or use public transportation as much as possible. This can reduce my impact on the environment. Another positive impact people can do is to volunteer in your local community to help clean the streets or plant trees and flowers.

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    i would stop throwing rubbish on the ground and stop using to much electicity

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